Terraria hack tool


TerrariViewer working with Terraria

Project Description

           Our team is currently working on conversion this project to a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) which will be much better Version 7.9 is out and it is working – Terraria hack tool! Enjoy! Terrariviewer gives you availability to edit your character and all of your inventory in Terraria game. For now, Terraria hack tool allows you to easily edit your character Name, Mana, Outfit, Armor, Accessories, other Inventories and Piggy Bank!


         Our software can have issues working with illegal copy of Terraria game! However we tested and everything is ok, but we dont support any illegal versions of Terraria! You should buy an original copy and then use our Terraria hack tool!


  • Updated to work with Terraria
  • Fixed: Link to source code in about form
  • Fixed: Link to latest versions in ‘Check For Updates’
  • Added: Global ‘LatestVersion’ variable since I kept reusing the value
  • Fixed: ‘None’ option missing from equipment menu selections. 

Keep in mind that our software is working with every older version of the game:)


Terraria 1.2.2 hack toolTerraria 1.2.2 hack tool

File info
  • File_name:  Terraria_1.2.4.1_hack.exe
  • Size: 1.62Mb

Is the tool is working properly ?

12461 Votes for Yes

126 Votes for No

You can check out screenshots of Terraria hack tool:

Character tab:


Equipment Tab:

Terraria 1.2.2 hack tool

Inventory Tab:

Terraria 1.2.2 hack tool

Bank Tab:

Terraria 1.2.2 hack tool

Buff Tab:



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9 Comments on "Terraria hack tool"

  1. goodddd i love you

  2. jimmy at -


  3. sam at -

    as for me, it works very well and i found free surveys! thanks again!

  4. T.T at -

    i cant get halloween items!!

  5. matt at -

    thanks bro and now i know how my freind got all his items in 15 seconds ;)

  6. dude at -

    merci beaucoup! tout fonctionne comme vous avez fait preuve dans la vidéo

  7. lol at -

    I hope you will share with us when New version will appear :)

  8. anonim at -

    All good here too:) thanks for sharing with us!

  9. lexxxx at -

    Big THX MAN!! Working with New Terraria :d

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